Data Services

Datains™ provides services to deploy big data platform and to implement data analytics according to customer’s preferred technologies and use case domains.

People Mobility & Location Intelligence

We analyze various data to visualize people mobility and locations to facilitate holistic planning, prediction, and risk mitigation in business. The insight output includes demographic, geographic, point of interest and other valuable data.

Hotel Rate Shopper Analytics

An analysis tool to automate hotel rate comparison. It helps hoteliers make easier pricing decisions, to support 24/7 revenue management activities.

What We Do

Datains™ provides products & services, which relate to Big Data & Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Our products are ready to use & contain pre-defined models & insights. Meanwhile our services offer flexible implementation of big data & artificial Intelligence to meet requirements.

Datains™ offer services to help customers deploy Big Data & AI platforms, collect data, integrate internal & external data, build insightful dashboard and run a sustainable data analytics cycles. We are ready to discuss and implement any descriptive, diagnostic & predictive analytics, together with our valuable customers & partners.

There are many opportunity insights from your hidden potential data! Let us work together!

Data Services

Data Analytics Implementation

We have experiences to implement data analytics projects of various use case domains, for government & non-government institutions. It covers end-to-end activities, from data assessment to data visualization.

Data Platform Implementation 

We help customers deploy Big Data Platform with suitable and preferred technologies. It can be implemented in customers environment or in cloud infrastructures.

Data Analytics Products

People Profiling

Talent profiling, employee engagement, social network analysis

Media Monitoring 

Brand & campaign monitoring, electronic clipping, competitor analysis

Digital Cabinet ™

Digital filing storage, fast searching, categorization, fraud detection

Mobility Intelligence 

Origin-destination analysis, housing & transport affordability

Location Intelligence

Visitor profiling, home & workplace prediction, travel & staying time

Hotel Intelligence

Rate shopper analysis, hospitality sentiment analysis, competitor analysis

Machine Vision Products

Face Verification

Attendance & exam system, AI-based proctoring, public services verification

Face Recognition

Surveillance system, gate access system, demography profiling

Crowd Detection

Crowd counting, crowd estimation on public events or at any public spaces

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle counting, classification, speed estimation, smart parking with LPR

License Plate Recognition

Law enforcement system, smart parking, petrol station monitoring

Behaviour Detection

Traffic behaviour detection, visitor behaviour recognition

Our Partners

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Our Customers

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Let us Collaborate

We are open & ready to collaborate with partners to broaden the implementation of big data & artificial intelligence in the impactful ecosystem in Indonesia. 

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