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We do data collection, data wrangling, data integration, data processing, data analysis & data visualisation that can meet your requirements. We are supported by subject matter expert from our university & partner networks to deepen analysis result.

Data Collection

We process many data formats, based on requirements and data availabilities.
We collect data from online media, social media, e-commerce, online travel platform, video surveillance, telco’s data record or other possible sources.

Implementation Options

We are able to implement the solution on your infrastructure or our server.

We also offer flexible software as a service or insight as a service, which depend on product features.

You may also get the insight as report for your favor. We provide many possiblities.

Domain experiences

We have experiences to do analysis in some domains, such as:

– people mobility & public transport
– market segmentation
– public housing
– traffic management
– link & match industry to education
– smart city centre
– tourism & hospitality
– recruitment & employee monitoring
– pandemic & healthcare
– social welfare
– food & drugs industries
– and more

Technology Stack

We use the latest big data & artificial intelligence technologies, such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Scikit Learn, and YOLO.

We visualise data and insight with Business Intelligence and GIS tools, such as Tableau, Superset, and ArcGIS combined with custom applications with Python, R, JS, PHP or other programming languages.


We offer some products for a rapid implementation of big data and artificial intelligence, according to your suitable needs and use cases. Our products are developed from the validated use cases of their related use cases.

Mobility Intelligence

Mobility data can be very useful to define strategic decision for some use cases. We do have know-how to handle millions of mobility data from telco operator & public transport operator.

Related use cases:
– public housing
– transit oriented development
– people mobility & urban hotspot
– tourism & hospitality, etc


e-Commerce Intelligence

Abundant data from e-commerce & online travel platforms are valuable data for product & market analysis, promotion strategy, and other analysis purpose.

Related use cases:
– market research
– micro-small-medium enterprises monitoring
– cyber patrol, etc


Online & Social MEDIA Analysis

Key features include sentiment analysis, social network analysis, keyword comparison, topic classification, influencer analysis, intolerant analysis, lifestyle identification, and online behaviour analysis.

Related use cases:
– public communication
– recruitment & employee engagement
– tourism promotion, etc.


Image & Video Analysis

Key features include vehicle classification, speed estimation, object counting, crowd analysis, facial recognition, liveness and mask detection.

Related use cases:
– road traffic & pedestrian monitoring
– retail analysis
– Know-Your-Customer process
– attendance or presence system, etc.


Featured Solution & Portfolio

People Mobility Analysis

Insight from Mobility Analysis can support government & business institutions to evaluate business potential of certain areas, to understand people’s daily activities & behaviour, to see citizen’s demography profile, and other possible related analysis.

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