Be Inspired by the Value of Data

What we do

We collect, process & analyse data from social media, media online, e-commerce, spatial data, image and videos.

We offer products and services to help our customers get the data & insights easier. We provide descriptive, diagnostic & predictive analytics for various use cases.


Our Solutions & Use Cases

Profiling & Behaviour Analysis

HR recruitment, employee engagement, social network analysis, etc


Brand monitoring, public communication, campaign monitoring, etc

People Mobility Analysis

Transit oriented development, Mobility as a Service, housing & real estate, people movement analysis, etc

Loyalty & Market Analysis

e-Commerce intelligence, cyber patrol, product & segment analysis, MSME monitoring, etc


Data collection, data wrangling/cleansing, data processing, data visualisation, data warehousing, & data lake implementation

Our Strategic Partners

Our Customers

Let us Collaborate

We are open & ready to collaborate with partners to broaden the implementation of big data & artificial intelligence in the impactful ecosystem in Indonesia. 

Address Jalan Cik Di Tiro 34, Yogyakarta 55223 Indonesia

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