Digital Cabinet ™ | Document Management System

Digital Cabinet ™ has been implemented at banking & finance institutions, universities, corporates, building managements, and more. It can help you manage your legal documents, partnership documents, customer files, student attachment documents, and other kind of documents.

Use Case For Universities or Schools

Scan & store your student’s hardcopy documents in the DigitalCabinet.

Start managing hundreds, thousands or more documents in your own big data storage.

You will get more documents every new batch of students admissions definetely.

Don’t be afraid of loosing them because of any unexpected events and be confident to find any records faster!


Keep your important & confidential documents in one secured private server, not on public cloud-server

Ease & fast document searching, by keywords, sentences, or document numbers. Supports 25 languages & almost all file types

Track any change of contents, including misuse of documents by unresponsible users

Secured files from unintentionally activities, including deletion, virus or malware attacks

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